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Leading in sustainability

We take responsibility for our products and the people we work with

Sustainability offers a world of opportunities, creating value for individuals, communities, and every company. We constantly develop programs and policies to drive the implementation of our green strategy. With our eco-friendly solutions, we combine our responsibility towards the environment with the best user experience for our customers.


We take responsibility for our products and the people we work with. Therefore, our high standards not only apply to ourselves but also to our partners. This allows us to make smarter products that consume less of nature’s precious resources.

Environmental Policy


Speech Processing Solutions GmbH believes that sustainable development is one of the key elements of our daily work. Therefore we strive to improve the environmental performance of our customers, our supply chain, and our own operations by giving people the tools and solutions to build a better today while preparing to address the challenges of tomorrow. The company is committed to continuously exploring solutions to successfully balance economy and ecology.

Basic Principles

  • Sustainable development – finding the optimal balance between ecological impact and economic growth.
  • Prevention is better than cure – avoiding problems at the outset.
  • Life cycle approach - from raw materials, to manufacturing, to use and disposal.
  • Cooperation – with governmental and non -governmental organizations.


Speech Processing Solutions uses technically and economically viable objectives to optimize the environmental performance of the organization's products, services and activities.

  • Product development objectives include evaluating the environmental impact over total live cycle of a product, taking steps toward more efficient use of materials including packaging, reducing or elimination hazardous substances reducing energy consumption, and contributing to improving recycling and disposal.
  • Manufacturing objectives include environmentally related aspects such as use of energy.
  • Speech Processing Solutions is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

Speech Processing Solutions establish and maintains environmental management systems and audits them by means of a systematic, documented verification process to ensure continuous improvement.

Speech Processing Solutions communicates its environmental policy to employees and other stakeholders.

Speech Processing Solutions educates its employees to work within its environmental policy.