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Speech history

  • 1954First dictation machine produced

    Philips Speech Processing Solutions founded in Vienna, Austria and the first dictation machine produced.
  • 1957First cassette-based dictation machine

    First cassette-based dictation machine produced.
  • 1966First Mini-Cassette invented

    First Mini-Cassette invented (industry standard since decades)
  • 1991Digital dictation system Voice System 4000

    Launch of digital dictation system Voice System 4000, which rapidly becomes a standard in hospitals worldwide
  • 1995Philips dictation and SpeechNote

    Launch of first Philips dictation and transcription workflow software SpeechNote.
  • 1997Philips SpeechMike

    Launch of first digital dictation microphone with PC navigation - Philips SpeechMike
  • 2000The 100,000,000th Mini-Cassette

    The 100,000,000th Mini-Cassette manufactured.
  • 2001Digital Pocket Memo 9300

    Integrated modular digital dictation hardware and software solutions for professional use: portable Digital Pocket Memo 9300 launched.
  • 2003VoiceTracer

    Introduction of the first digital VoiceTracer audio recorder for note taking.
  • 2005SpeechExec

    Launch of the first version of SpeechExec dictation and transcription software.
  • 2007SpeechExec Enterprise

    Launch of the first version of SpeechExec Enterprise dictation workflow solution.
  • 2013Pocket Memo 8000 series

    Launch of the all new Pocket Memo 8000 series.
  • 2014SpeechLive

    Launch of the first SpeechLive cloud dictation solution.
  • 2016SpeechAir

    Launch of Philips SpeechAir – first portable Philips dictation recorder with a WiFi function.
  • 2018SpeechOne

    Launch of SpeechOne – The first Philips dictation headset.
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