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Our Vision and Mission


At SPS, we empower businesses to achieve more through the intelligent use of voice by meaningfully automating tasks


We help customers to simplify work by using our smart, voice-based solutions


We give businesses a competitive advantage with smart, voice-based hardware and software solutions. Professionals benefit from focusing on their core tasks and making their business more efficient, customer-centric and profitable. Our open and transparent working culture creates the environment for talent to flourish, take ownership and deliver excellence. This way, we will become a global leader for solutions that automate tasks through the intelligent use of voice.

Our Leadership Principles


We determine our own future by contributing to the company's success. We are the owner of our decisions, actions and results, always having in mind team and company perspective.


We value and foster talent and passion. We constantly raise the bar by developing our people to reach their full potential and hiring exceptional talent.


We demonstrate full transparency as part of our corporate culture. We talk straight and respectfully, trust each other and act accordingly.

Our values